“An American Haunting”

Our cable tv service and our internet service is bundled through our cable tv service. It can get pricey so, a few weeks ago we got a call from the cable company with a promotional. I just assumed that A wouldn’t be interested so I brushed them off. Well, much to my surprise, he WAS interested so I called them back, apologized and listened to their their pitch. They were going to lower our bill and include one movie tier. A was shaking his head “no” — he doesn’t believe in subscribing to premium movie channels. I was hesitant, the salesman on the other end of the phone was trying hard so he just threw in everything they had to offer for the same low price which wasn’t low but it was quite a bit lower than what we were paying without any premium channels. I made the administrative decision to go for it.

That doesn’t mean there is anything on to watch.

A doesn’t like light comedy, it seems. So, we have been catching a lot of action movies, thrillers, documentaries.

The latest thriller was “An American Haunting”. A movie in the same vein as “The Others”. I really liked “The Others”. I would say it was more startling than scary. “An American Haunting” however was just downright scary to me. Startling, also, but scary. I don’t know if it had to do with the late hour we were watching it or what but it was scary.

If you are looking for a scary, ghostly movie for your next movie marathon — try this one. It won’t disappoint.


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