River D

I have become reacquainted, through myspace, with a girl that I went to school with. She lived around the corner from me and her name is Myrtie. She is the daughter of the well known c/w singer, Leon Payne. I haven’t seen her for years. However, we have “commented” a few times on myspace and I follow her blog — she is very big in the c/w music scene in the Hill Country.

In January her mother passed away. The same day her daughter announced her pregnancy — I get the feeling it was a long awaited pregnancy. In any event, the baby was born a few days ago — a little boy named River D. He arrived much too early — 24 weeks. He weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. and is 14 1/2 inches long. Myrtie says his head is about as big as a tangerine. There are pictures on her blog — he is really a cute little guy. Her reports are all good — he is doing well He is getting help breathing but he is holding his own and all the news is good. He has a long way to go but, from the way it sounds, he is going to do well.

This family could use all the prayers that are available out there. He is doing well, under the circumstances, but he could always use a little help. So, please remember him and his family. They would really appreciate it.


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