Beverly Hills Chihuahua

BHC came yesterday as I was expecting. So…yesterday morning, in anticipation of a movie evening, I chunked dinner in the crockpot — well, two crockpots actually, so I wouldn’t have to take up precious movie watching time with all that kitchen drudgery. AW came home, we quickly devoured the crockpot gourmet and settled down to watch the movie. One of us was much more excited about the prospect than the other one. Wanna make any bets?

Anyway, it was an adorable movie. MY sort of action adventure movie. A little romance, a few tears, some breath taking moments. Something for everybody — even Rollie sat and watched the entire movie. I enjoyed it. Now….I want a chihuahua. Of course, she would have to live without a Harry Winston collar.

I can’t tell if AW enjoyed the movie or not. He sort of struck his “tolerant yet not smiling” pose for the entire hour and a half and didn’t have much to say except ….

AW does NOT want a chihuahua.



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