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Friday fill-ins #130

1. She had a great handbag!

2. Rollie is my by my side always! And sometimes under my feet!

3. I know this: If it gets any hotter Texas is going to turn into one great big tortilla chip!

4. Be still, Rollie. It isn’t dinner time yet!

5. These words apply to me: Uh, I don’t have a clue!

6. Outside the sun was shining.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to a few more episodes of “Sex and the City”, tomorrow I might attend the great big fabric/notion sale at Berry Patch Fabrics, and Sunday I want to go to church and either read or quilt or cross stitch — so many choices!


News —

The baby is to be Kathryn! Finally, a name. I am sure she is quite tired of hearing “Sweet Pea” and “Sissy”. Even though she isn’t here yet I am sure she can hear us and is probably saying “hey, folks, it’s Kathryn — get it?” So, Kathryn it is. And now the embroidery begins.

Gone but Not Forgotten — My Genealogical Search

Aside from my family and my faith, I have four interests in my life — quilting, cross stitch/embroidery, reading, and genealogy. I wouldn’t call them passions, I am passionate about my family and faith but I would say that I am drawn to these activities from somewhere deep inside. They are activities that have rooted themselves in me, planted and encouraged by others and I find no better way to spend my “alone” time .

The two activities that have the deepest meaning to me are genealogy and quilting and they are linked. My interest in quilting began with my great-grandmother, Maggie. One evening in her home, watching her and my grandmother hand piece quilts was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen. They even let me join in and the fire was fueled forevermore.

This same great-grandmother was the basis for the love of genealogy. My father’s family had always held family history in geat esteem and had kept the family story alive. I grew up hearing historical accounts of my family’s migration from Tennessee to Texas in covered wagons. I learned about our family’s place in the founding of this country and this government. It was pretty awesome as a child and the interest never left me. In fact, it just expanded to include my maternal family and my husband’s family, as well.

I have decided that this blog is a good venue for collecting and sharing these stories, maybe some photos, for family members that might be interested either now or in the future.

A few of the names that I research are Boyett (and all variations of the spelling), Cocke, Watkins, Conn, Davies/Davis, Webb, Palmer, Brinkley, Rantz. This isn’t a complete list but the most immediate list. The areas that I research are Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, England, Wales.

So, if you are interested, come back and join me on my travels through my family search.

Friday Fill-ins

1. On my laziest day I like to do cross stitch.

2. Vacuuming makes me feel like I’m being productive.

3. I love little kids and big cats.

4. This summer I want to lose weight and get in better shape.

5. Pent up creativity made me start my blog.

6. Red roses and orange marmalade.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching “National Treasure 2”, tomorrow my plans include helping A to build a base for the gazebo, and Sunday I want to go to church and work on the back yard.

For the Love of Cross Stitch

When I was about five, or so, my mother decided to introduce me to embroidery. It was a set of pre-stamped tea towels. If my memory serves me correctly, the pattern was of kittens. My stitches were too big and some of them were pulled but I was fascinated. That was my first venture with a great span of time until my next attempt as an adult. I did a few crewel kits as a young married woman. They turned out pretty well but I was not the least bit prepared for the fact that moths could actually eat my best attempt — as it hung on the wall! I was devastated. So, in an attempt to find something that wasn’t food for something else, I turned my attention to cross stitch.

I love cross stitch and have done a lot of it over the years. But, I struggle. I absolutely love the look of linen but have difficulty counting out the stitches over two threads — especially if the stitches are far apart. Evenweave creates the same problem. I tend to stay with aida which is quite limiting in the look that I want to create. Sometimes frustration abounds but still I persevere.

I love the cottages, bungalows, lighthouses — any houses– depicted in the cross stitch mags. I have a weakness for small houses. I collect small houses such as David Winter cottages — I even picture the families in the small houses. So, it is no surprise that I like to stitch them.

The picture posted here is of a WIP that has been recently — very recently — completed. It was a WIP for so long I almost never got the masking tape off so I could press it. I swear never to put masking tape on my work again — I really do. It takes longer to wrap the edges in the tape than it does to put a zigzag around it with the sewing machine. In any event, here is my latest completion.

I have started a new project — a pair of absolutely gorgeous birds. The thread variation is so intricate I am having to work on it one ten stitch grid at a time. Oh, thank goodness for sticky notes! I will post more when I have more done — right now it is VERY hard to tell it is a bird.

At any rate, here is my little house!