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Unconscious Mutterings #335

guest — room, unwelcome
impact — crash
unplanned — houseguest
tactic — plan
delayed — airport
bombastic — Robin Williams
comfort — food, chicken and dumplings
trumpet — big bands
Joe — E Brown, Lewis, GI
Budget — what’s that, I don’t understand


What Dreams May Come — Again

A previously posted, I had requested the movie “What Dreams May Come” from Netflix and when it arrived it was defective and I couldn’t watch it. I returned it for a replacement which came last week. The movie was recommended to me by my son and I usually trust his judgment. I had heard conflicting reports about it being depressing and “ughy” and all sorts of things which didn’t deter me but rather made me want to watch it more. So, I did. Here is my take on it.

The cinematography and special effects were outstanding. They even managed to make Robin Williams looks convincingly younger – I need to find their make up person. I have to say that Williams must have been taking his ritalin because he was CALM. I really like Robin Williams but find that his hyperactivity is sometimes a big overwhelming. That wasn’t the case in this movie.

I didn’t find this movie to be sad. Or depressing. I found it to be hopeful and uplifting. From the love story perspective it was a soulmate sort of thing. From the parent/child perspective it was representative of things we all have done as parents — and children — that we have regretted and learned from, questions about how different the outcomes would be if we had made different choices — all that real life stuff. From a spiritual perspective I found it to be very hopeful. It was boldly religious yet I was surprised about references to non-Christian beliefs until I realized that this wasn’t necessarily a movie just for Christian beliefs.

There were parts of it that I found boring. A small teaser here — there was just too much time spent sliding around in paint! I won’t say anymore, don’t want to spoil it for those who may not have seen it.

I would recommend it to anybody who isn’t offended by religion or anybody who isn’t offended by a couple of non-Christian references.

What Dreams May Come

Ok, I tried to bite the bullet and watch the depressing movie. I really wanted to and I still think it looks good but…….the DVD kept glitching and I couldn’t get it past the glitch — it stopped every time. So, I gave up. But, I will report it to Netflix and maybe they will send me another because now I am intrigued by it. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?